Thank Yourself

Quite a few friends have been asking for my secret lately. How do I stay so confident and positive? I guess I just love myself very much. It hasn’t always been this way, like anything in life it’s been something I’ve had to work on. As much as a wellness journey is evidenced by what everyone can see on the outside, the hard work is completely mental.

Instead of criticizing my body for all it is not, I began thanking it for all that it is:

Thanking my weak muscles for getting me through tough workouts.
Thanking my resilient heart for continuing to beat after plenty of heartbreak.
Thanking my ugly feet for running hundreds of miles this year.
Thanking my stretch marked skin for being a testament to how far I’ve come.
Thanking my bad eyes for being able to see art in everyday things.
Thanking my small lips for being able to speak my truth.
Thanking my restless mind for attempting to stay balanced through many chemical imbalances, still an everyday battle.

And with that my whole perspective changed. I say all this while giving whoever reading this a little homework..

Strip naked. Stand in front of a mirror.
And stare.
Get to know every nook and cranny.
And affirm what you already can see, you are beautiful just the way God made you. If there’s anything you want to change, use the tools he put on this earth. As long as it makes you happy! The second most important relationship you’ll have during your lifetime is with yourself. You wouldn’t tolerate a significant other criticizing and putting you down, right? So stop beating yourself up, someone else will gladly do that for you.