Elaine Goes Raw

I made the decision to go raw swiftly and without much thought. After reading up on raw veganism and natural detoxification, it just made sense.. all natural, uncooked food all the time. So, I went to went to my favorite health grocery store and stocked up on all the essentials to detox through raw, vegan ingredients. I lost 5 pounds in 5 days and have never felt better. Although I am no longer eating completely raw, here’s what I learned:

1. Clean food is always vegan; vegan food isn’t always clean

Before starting this detox I was relying heavily on the vegan “frozen” food aisle. Still eating pizza and donuts because they were vegan, right? Well, I started reading ingredients and labels more carefully and have become hyperaware of what I’m eating. What you put into your body shows up on the outside.

2. Hydration is essential at breakfast

It’s the most important meal of the day, but it’s also the time to hydrate like you mean it. I started drinking a liter of coconut water before breakfast and another liter of water by lunch. My gym recovery is shorter and my skin has never looked better.

3. Coconut water is miracle water

Simple. I swear by this. Incorporate more coconut water into your diet and your body will thank you, I promise.

4. Shots on Shots on Shots

As part of the detox I started taking a gut shot every morning and am going to start incorporating wheatgrass as well. For some of these foods with great health benefits (beets, ginger, cabbage) that you really CANNOT stand, taking a shot in the morning can be a good alternative.

5. Only way is to meditate

There were points of time where I felt that I was going to eat a table, and quite honestly felt sick for most of the days due to the natural detoxification progress. For all those rough times – meditation, prayer and yoga got me through. I pushed beyond how I was feeling and had some of my best workouts in a while during those 5 days.

Truth is I was starting to look “too” skinny, and I was dreading my meals so I’m now back to regular, plain ol’ vegan. But in that short time span I became infinitely more grateful for my gas stove and have permanently altered my relationship with food. I don’t believe in diets, meal preps or programs – it’s the subtle lifestyle changes that make all the difference in your overall health and wellness.